DeLever APC Forum Online No.6 – UPDATE

Hi All

DeLever APC Forum Online No.6 was delivered on 14th December 2012
at 12noon to 2pm
Speaker: Jon Lever FRICS  

squareThis FREE DeLever APC Forum was delivered by Jon Lever FRICS on the 14th December  with about 17 people attending.

Jon delivered two 10 minute talks on:
Talk 1 – Preparation for the Spring 2013 Final Assessment
Talk 2 – The Latest RICS APC Rules of Conduct Guidance

The remainder of the time (about 1.5 hours) was taken up with an open general questions and answers forum with questions from the delegates attending.

A few stats for you:

1. 86% rated the DeLever APC Masterclass & Online system ‘Excellent’.
2. The rest rated it ‘Good’

We are always looking to improve our carbon foot print and save you money. Today to attend a similar event or receive similar training, our delegates felt we saved:

1. 71% felt we saved them 2 hours travelling time
2. 29% felt we saved them 3 hours travelling time

If you missed this DeLever APC Forum, we will be running another one in January 2013.  You can register your interest here:  and we will inform you when FREE tickets for the next one will be available.  Alternatively we will publish it here at APCeye and on the Delever APC Update emails.

Thank you for your interest

Jon Lever FRICS

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