Help Sheets – Maintaining Professional and Ethical Standards

It is EXTREMELY IMPORTANT for ALL APC Candidates to realise that this document and its 12 Core Values are now VOID and no longer available on the RICS web site.  This is a relatively new change, hence why I am discussing it this week.

As of the 1 June 2012 RICS require all future APC Final Assessments to test APC Candidates on the newly published Professional and Ethical Standards which you can find full details of here:

The FIVE new standards are listed as:

1. Act with integrity
2. Always provide a high standard of service
3. Act in a way that promotes trust in the profession
4. Treat others with respect
5. Take responsibility

The web site goes on to update and explain in much more detail what these standards mean, giving examples of interpretation and questions we should ask ourselves related to ethical situations etc.  Interestingly if you still have a copy of the OLD 12 Core Values you will see that they now all have been absorbed into the NEW 5 Ethical Standards so it is important to realise that RICS have NOT changed their stance on professional ethics over night, but have just updated the format and provided more information.

These new standards are a great move forwards because ethics can be a very grey decision making area, often influenced by many differing factors or view points, so these new five standards and their explanation have gone a good way towards simplifying and explaining what is is the RICS expect of us as Chartered members and Regulated firms.

Check the web site and make sure you have the latest version as they may update periodically.

As a chairman of assessors what would I ask you about this document in a Final Assessment interview?

1. Why do we have Ethical Standards?
2. I am sure you know all of the 5 Ethical Standards, but pick one and explain to me what you undertsand it to mean?
3. Pick another standard and explain to me how you implement it in your every day working?

Note this is NOT an exhaustive list of questions!

Want to know more about Rules of Conduct and Professional Ethics?
See the DeLever APC Masterclasses:

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