RICS – Rules of Conduct for Firms

Rules for Firms V5This document is a key document for the APC Final Assessment Interview.  Candidates are expected to know about the 15 rules for Firms and how a firm should conduct it’s business and act professionally and ethically

The Rules are all drawn from section 5 of the Bye-Laws and Regulations and are backed up by a wealth of Help Sheets that we will consider in the APC Updates in the coming weeks.  There are also 5 principles of better regulation which are important for APC Candidates to be aware of.

These Rules apply to all RICS Regulated Firms offering a surveying service or related service to the public.

It is important to realise as an APC Candidate that the Rules for Firms are important to know because at the APC Final Assessment we expect you to know what Registration and Regulation information you should be avware of and what information you are required to provide to RICS should you wish to set up your own Chartered Surveying firm.  Now, you may never wish to set up your own firm, but in this instance this is irrelevant as when you are given your Royal Charter (MRICS) you could, if you so wish, set up your own Regulated firm… so, assessors expect you to know what you would do.

Please be careful here if you do not work in a Regulated RICS firm i.e. a government / local authority or a surveying department within another type of employer etc. Because you will not necessarily have access or hands on experience of RICS Regulation and things such as PI Insurance or Client’s Money may not normally cross your radar.  However, this is no defence and you MUST ensure that you are adequately informed, knowledgeable and experienced in this subject.

Also the Firms Rules open you up to many many more subjects that you could be questioned on at the Final Assessment i.e. Client’s Money, PII, Complaints handling, Training of staff etc, all of which we will consider in the Help Sheets in this section in the coming weeks.

Check you have the latest version as they tend to update periodically.

As a chairman of assessors what would I ask you about this document in a Final Assessment interview?

1. Why do we have Rules for Firms?
2. To whom do the Firms rules apply?
3. Can you tell me about the Registration of Firms for RICS Regulation?
4. What percentage of principles in a firm must be RICS members for it to be mandatorily Regulated by RICS
5. What is the role of a Contact Officer
6. Who, in the Regulated Firm, should take on the role of the Contact Officer and why?
7. Tell me how your firm trains you to maintain your professionalism on a day to day basis?

Note this is NOT an exhaustive list of questions!

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