DeLever tv FREE CPD – CDM Regulations 2015 Explained

The Construction (Design and Management) Regulations 2015 (CDM 2015) came CDM2015RegsButtoninto force on 6 April 2015, replacing CDM 2007. We have put together a series of films to help you understand. They provided guidance on the legal requirements for CDM 2015 and are available to help anyone with duties under the Regulations.

As always with DELEVER TV we like to bring you knowledge and help.
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Jon Lever’s FRICS advice for starting your RICS APC journey the right way …

Jon Lever’s advice for starting  your RICS APC the right way …

Understand the APC Process
Get the RICS APC Guides from Make sure that you have read and fully understand them as about a quarter of the candidates I have assessed have in part been referred because they don’t properly understand the APC process.  You should be reading them at least once every 3 to 4 months.  Candidates from outside the UK also need to check the differences in the APC for their world region, see theRICS web site for details.
Get a relevant job
You can only start your APC if you are employed in a relevant surveying role, gaining the experience expected for the pathway you intend to follow.  It is also beneficial if your employer is committed and willing to provide you with a Structured Training Plan.  RICS Training Advisors(RTA) can assist and advise employers regarding any aspect of the APC process.  Find your RTA at
Get a supervisor and counsellor
Depending on your APC route, you will need a supervisor and/or a counsellor to mentor you through the APC process. Whilst it is vitally important for you to take responsibility for your APC and career, a supervisor and/or counsellor should advise, guide and support you. Make sure they have the relevant, up to date APC Guides and that they are aware of their role and responsibilities. They should be supporting you with guiding you towards the correct experience, monitoring your progress and signing off your competency achievement.
Understand the competencies
At the final assessment you will need to demonstrate to the assessors that your full and detailed understanding (Level1) of each declared competency has enabled you to seek out and gain experience (Level 2) and the opportunity to advise (Level 3). The APC Guides provide explanation of the competency requirements / options for each pathway. Your supervisor and counsellor should help you interpret each competency and discuss the experience available to help you achieve your competency goals. If you have questions about the specific competencies that you and/or your supervisor and counsellor are unsure about then you could contact and discuss your queries with an RICS APC Mentor from your pathway.

Tip of the day 5 of 5 What is the difference between informal and formal CPD recording ?

Tips for organising your time leading up to the final assessment
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CPD – what do I record?  i_iPhone

Continuing Professional Development (CPD) is one of the sections that has been updated in the latest RICS templates.  You are required to record 48 hours of learning per year and at least 50% of it should be classed as formal learning.

When you are following the APC process, the 50% minimum formal CPD requirement is easily achieved as the amount of reading and learning you need to do to bring yourself up to date with the Level 1 competency knowledge is more than enough.

What is formal learning?

Formal learning is classed as an activity that has a ‘learning outcome’, which means that you have attended an event or undertake an activity where you believe you have learnt something new or enhanced your existing knowledge.

What isn’t formal learning?

If you are just attending an event, for example, a networking event or a repeat of a presentation or seminar you have attended previously then you would probably not necessarily be expecting to gain much further knowledge or education so you may allocate this to informal CPD.

How do I record CPD in the myAPCDiary?

Click on the CPD section in the tab and enter the details of your CPD.

The myAPCDiary will automatically collate your CPD entries into a graph of formal and informal hours recorded at the top of the page.  It will remind you if you are below the number of hours and will also email you once you reach the target number of hours.APC_Diary_you_tube_cover


If you missed the last two tip please see below, see below.

  1. Prepare your presentation thoroughly
    Once your Case Study is finished you should focus on developing your 10 minute presentation. I have seen a number of candidates present something different from their Case Study at the final assessment; you will be referred if you do this. If you bring a flipchart or handouts they should look professional. Your notes should be detailed enough to be a useful prompt, but not a script that you read to the assessors. A vital part of your preparation is practise to polish your performance and get your timings right.
  2. Practice your presentation
    You will be required to deliver your ten minute Case Study presentation at the beginning of the Final Assessment Interview. You will be expected to deliver an excellent and professional presentation, with well-produced verbal communication, top quality visual aids (if you are using any) good eye contact, good body language, clarity of thought and structure, professional and polite delivery and ensuring you can demonstrate top quality skill and awareness of the needs of your audience.  So often candidates don’t do well here so here is your chance to excel and stand out from the crowd.

3. Prepare for the Final Assessment day

Sitting the final assessment is stressful, understanding what to expect will help.  It is a good idea to visit the assessment centre beforehand and test such things as journey time and parking. You cannot be late for the final assessment! Prepare a checklist so that when you get nervous on the day you don’t forget anything. Absolutely anything in your submission documents can be the basis of questioning during your interview, so make sure you put in the preparation time and regularly review your declared competencies and submission documents.

Jon’s tips for the Final Assessment and how best to prepare.

4. Revise, revise revise
At the final assessment you will be asked to explain your understanding, experience, advice and actions and give opinions and generally explain how you’ll undertake your business stressed-student-revising-008professionally.  Make sure you have plenty of competency experience project examples to discuss with the assessors.  Remember anything you have included in your submission documents could be the basis for a question at the final assessment.


Ned help ? The Forum will also feature an APC process question and answer session and is run by Jon Lever FRICS.

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APC Diary 

Our online myAPCDiary platform will allow a candidate to record all aspects of their APC program. IAPC_Diary_you_tube_covert will also provide all related supervisors and counsellors a means of tracking their assigned candidates, in a simple to use, and centralised location. All live, with the latest information.


How to be an effective APC Supervisor or Counsellor and best practice tips to support you and your APC candidates and get them through the APC!

Supervisors and counsellors: how to help

Inspection is a competency where supervisors and counsellors can make a big difference in developing a candidate’s “surveyor sense” and their ability to articulate it.
They should allow candidates at an early stage of training to shadow them on any interesting inspection and discuss what is being done and why. Over time, candidates should be asked to describe their own inspections in order to develop a fluency in response to questions.

JCT2016 Event in Milton Keynes

MK50Club part of the Construction Excellence is hosting their third event this Wednesday 22nd March in Milton Keynes. Networking with local business owners, director and Associate level personnel. This is a professional group so formal dress only.

JCT 2016 Update was the key changes that were made to the Design and Build Contract. In this event, Goodrich Consultants will demonstrate how on daily bases this change has affected them.

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You work all day, your RICS APC has to be managed into the evenings, early mornings or the weekend. So who is around to answer or guide you ??? 

We like to bring innovation to help candidates to pass their RICS APC Final Assessment. The importance is that you do have some support to juggle this important life changing and financial / Status Chapter in Life.

DeLever was founded 15 years ago by Jon Lever FRICS. He is known as the only Assessor of the Assessors in the UK (The ones you’ll sit in front of)  Governing Councillor of the Jon lever FRICSRICS and all round good guy.
The policy is to future the process, and so far our average pass rate is over 80% of candidates that take our coaching.
So what’s new ???

APC Diary, DeLever over ten years ago produced an Excel APC Diary, two years ago we APC_Diary_you_tube_coverintroduced ‘My APC Diary’ which saves over 65% of logging plus you can voice record to
text on a smartphone, Instantly!
Click here and get a FREE Months trial if you don’t like it, export to excel.

So I hear you say RICS ARC, if you are using then you’ll know the problems, there isn’t any real guidance.
DeLever Masterclass on Preparing your APC Submission Documents for uploading to ARC.
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Join the APC 101 WhatsApp group. We have 4 Assessors, 2 Admin and Jon Lever plus over 200 other candidates that will help.
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What’s on in March at DeLever ????

Well its MOCK Season for a start plus many other ..

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Remember I SPY? DeLever APC I-SPY

Ever wondered what questions you miQuestion Dice DeLever Harvey Taitght be asked at the RICS APC Final Assessment?

 I am always being asked, by candidates, for a list of Assessment questions?!
BUT there is NO SUCH list, of any use, as assessor questions are focussed on your submission documents!

 From my experience, candidates can be asked anything from around 80 to 100 questions in the interview hour!  

How would you like to get a step ahead in your preparation for your assessment interview?

 DeLever has provided you with this fantastic solution!  RICS APC Harvey Tait

 We are delighted to introduce our APC i-Spy service where our Expert APC Coaches (all active assessors) will review your Final Assessment Submission documents and write you a list of questions they would identify, from their assessing experience, and based upon your actual, real, unique APC submission documentation.

How our DeLever APC i-Spy service works?

  • NOTE: Assessors need at least 2 weeks notice to deliver this service.

If you want your feedback report prior to your APC Final Assessment please act in good time. Shorter timescales may be possible but subject to availability.
Contact to discuss.

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Construction Enquirer August 2016 Construction Rankings

At DeLever Ltd being a APC Training company involved in training Candidates to become Charter Surveyors. Our mind is trained to love rankings and ordered lists.

Being a reader of the Construction Enquirer we follow their ranking on projects, clients and news.
The latest figures for August 2016 have just been released.

August 2016 figuresThe win helped Bouygues breakaway with close contender BAM from the chasing pack in the rankings for work won over the rolling 12 months.

Both firms are now nearly £500m worth of work ahead of third placed Morgan Sindall, which has been steadily working up the league.

Among the other big wins during the month, McLaren picked up a £155m distribution centre project for Roxhill & the London Distribution Park.

Skanska sealed a £65m job at Great Ormond Street after replacing Bouygues and Galliford Try has a £175m regeneration project for Genesis HA & QPR at Old Oak Common.

Laing O’Rourke soared to the top of the August contracts league after signing off the construction deal for developer Henderson’s £850m St James Quarter project in Edinburgh.

The huge scheme catapulted Laing O’Rourke ahead of second placed Bouygues, which bagged eight projects totalling nearly £500m.

According to information specialist Glenigan, the French contractor won £236m worth of work on the extension of the Midland Metro extension, courtesy of ownership of Colas Rail.

Click for full 100 contractors league

Click for full 100 clients league

DeLever new APC EYE October 16 Edition is out this week to read or download a copy click on the image .